About Us

A little about us here at GiGi’s Design

GiGi’s aims for excellence,  we are a creative solutions company that knows utilizing the most current technology across all of our services is what will give your business an edge above the competition. Our team combined has over 20 years in the industry, and are on the leading edge of development. They understand more then most design companies that marketing in all aspects starting with websites to flyers to how something is portrayed in store is top priority for a business owner.

How do we know that you ask? GiGi’s is an affiliate with GiGi’s Boutique & Design which is a boutique that is not just an internet based store shipping worldwide but they are also a brick-and-mortar location that serves customers with a wide array of women’s clothing, accessories, footwear, home decor, and much much more. We understand that every pixel and image whether it be for a website or print materials, is what portrays your company.

So when we say, we are understanding what you are wanting out of design work from a  business’s owner imagination, we truly do know what you need to increase your brand, identity, and awareness on the web.


Our Mission

Involving top of the line quality technology within the process to bring you the most creative solutions we possibly can is what we strive to do with every design. Our team believes in bringing nothing but the best to the table and our clients.

Our Certifications

We believe in offering top of the line services to our clients so our goal is to constantly stay certified with the companies to increase your growth. We currently are certified in the following:

  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • BigCommerce Partner

Our Solution

Creative solutions is what we built our company on. We see each client as a unique individual. We aren’t the company to sell you the same design as we sold to the last client. Unique. Creative. One of a Kind. That’s why our clients have confidence in us.

Our Policy

Great minds think alike, well great minds think differently too. We know our vision may not be what our client was expecting or they had something different in mind. WE DON’T MIND! If our client has a vision, our meeting and approval process is what helps the client explain what they want out of the design.


Web Design & Development90%
Graphic Design80%
Real Estate & Architecture Photography90%
Product Photography85%